How do you tell if a couple wants a unicorn?


A "Unicorn" is a third party who enters a relationship looking for sex or something more.

The term "unicorn relationship" refers to the mythical rarity of willing parties.

Polyamory, or having multiple love partners, may appeal to some people because you and your partner have decided to date, flirt, and hook up with as many people as you want. It is common for a couple to add a permanent third person to their relationship.

What is Unicorn Hunting?
"Unicorn-hunting" is typically used to describe the practice of an established couple searching for a third partner to participate in a threesome relationship or a triad. Finding a unicorn for people in an established relationship involves many elements.

When a unicorn starts a partnership, it must follow the partners' wishes. Even if they have a say, unicorns will focus on partner needs. So let's dive in and find out how you can tell a couple is interested in unicorn dating.

How to Tell if a Couple Wants a Unicorn
Here are a few ways you can tell a couple is looking to find a local unicorn on your unicorn dating site.

They have made it obvious they are a couple
Some apps have the provision of indicating you are a couple. A good example is Tinder, where you can set your gender to a couple, or BiCupid where you can state that you are in a relationship. If a couple is interested, they will make this apparent.

You will also notice several pictures of the couple, especially at the beginning, as they try not to surprise you later with their partner's involvement.

They have probably started it on their bio
A couple looking for a unicorn will probably have it reflected in their bio. They may describe what they want in a third partner, and you could look through to see if you are their best fit.

They are upfront when texting with potential thirds
When a couple is interested in a unicorn, they are often honest when replying to messages on dating apps. They will be natural, show you interest, and even introduce and speak as a couple.

 After establishing a rapport, you can ask if they are interested in a unicorn. If the above two indications appear, the most likely answer will be yes.

Join a Unicorn Dating Site Today
No matter where you hunt for sexual or romantic partners, you should continually educate yourself on consent, be respectful of another person's choice, and keep communication channels open.

There are several unicorn dating sites, including, The Unicorn, Bicupid, and Tinder. These sites are user-friendly, and you can easily set up your profile.